Design for identity and message

Branding is a long-term initiative to design a company’s identity. We take a thoughtful and caring approach to branding. We design a solid foundation for brand and product development.

How we turn your idea into a brand

01 Discovery

The development and discovery stage which defines best solutios for development of established business goals and the brand potential along with its services and product. It is most often part of a product workshop.

02 Define

The material which is the base of a designing process. We define the most important values and associations. We set the visual direction which will be suitable for the character of the brand and strategy.

03 Concept

Based on the collected information, goals and guidelines, we prepare a moodboard with a set of inspirations and examples appropriate to the assumed strategy. We present and explain the conceptual and design assumptions as well as our recommendations. We discuss and define the final guidelines and visual form.

04 Design

We transform established guidelines into design composites. We define the final look of the brand. From naming, to logo, to the entire graphic aesthetics.

05 Deliver

The final process in the building of the consistent image. We develop materials with guidelines for proper presentation and implementation of the most important projects for the brand/product.

06 Support

Being in the process of creating the brand identity from the beginning and knowing its assumptions, we oversee its further development. We help implement new ideas, assist in other creative areas

Scope of works

Reference project


Mononi is a brand new furniture brand with a focus on online sales. A place prepared by and for lovers of unique interior design.

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Do I just order a logo from you guys?

You can… but does it make sense? In our brand design process, logo design is at the top of the cake like a cherry. A logo is a symbol that…

Are you doing a rebranding?

Definitely yes. We love to make big changes that represent a new idea for a brand or product. We believe that change is needed sometimes big or small. We don’t…

How much does brand identity cost?

There is no uniform answer to this. Each brand and its product depends on defining its market position, business goal or ability to implement a selected number of projects. We…

We have our strategy, communication, but we need design support.

That’s good to hear. We like clients like that. Send us any materials you have developed; brief, strategies, audits, analysis, moodboards, guidelines, etc. We’ll review the documentation to understand your…

I have an idea for a great project but need investors to create branding.

We understand your situation and are open to start-up projects. We have customized packages for start-ups who are looking for investors or grants to start a project. Let’s arrange a…

Do you have someone to recommend in other marketing realizations?

Of course. We collaborate with other sub-markets from the world of design and marketing. Our partners are competent 3D designers, Animation/Motion Design, Photo and Video and Marketing support (Digital performance).

Copyright transfer agreement

During the execution of a graphic design order in the nature of logo design, naming, packaging or illustration for the purpose of dissemination of the work and any reproduction and…

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