Social Media iOS and Android app for tennis players

Social Media iOS and Android app for tennis players

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Comprehensive Design System, User Flows, and the complex Product Design for the Tennis Social Media Mobile and Web App

Social Media Feature

Tennisgram is a mobile social application that allows you to add posts, photos, videos as well as schedule and enter match results. Tennisgram provides everything most hardcore gamers need to easily manage their hobbies and games.

Discovery and Define

We have designed a channel that provides users with the most important information about the people or clubs that the user is following. Do you own a tennis court, play or organize leagues? Great! Tennisgram gives you the ability to create your own leagues in specific cities or training groups only with your friends.

Match Results

If you care about developing your own skills, users will judge you after the game and gather feedback. You can practice your skills with others to develop skills with the lowest score.

Booking & Ordering

The booking system feature in the mobile app helps users book their courts directly from their smartphones.

Chat and Messages

One of the most important features of the Tennisgram mobile app for social media is to help communication between players. We enabled contact via messages (internal chat) and automatic match scheduling, entering results and advanced communication, push notifications and e-mail.


The web version allows owners to manage the tennis court as well as check reservations and reservations.

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